The Light That Sparked An Idea

Sadly, following a stroke, for the last 5 years of my Dads life his health was very poor, it really did change his personality from an outgoing, laughing, singing, dancing lover of life to a quiet, withdrawn shadow.

But through all the illness as soon as the music came on it would spring him back to his old self for a few short minutes and he would be up dancing with Mum.

So when Kelly came up with the idea of our Charity it very quickly became something personal that we wanted to do in his memory.

He loved Morecambe and Wise, as we all did, their laughter and love for music was something we all watched together as a family and whenever their famous song came on it would be a contest to see who could do the best impression.

They really did Bring Sunshine and so did Dad.

Stephen Tracey